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Online Data Backup

Backup your home computer to our unlimited online data backup service, UnlimitedDataBackup.com. Your home computer or laptop is probably full of digital photos... treasured memories you can't afford to loose... Our online backup service will take your important photos, documents, videos and files and back them up to our secure Internet data centre. The service is fast, reliable and secure.

Backup Email Service – Secondary Email Servers for Your Domain

Many organisations do not have any backup Email servers associated with their domain. Backup MX servers ensure the smooth flow of Email in the event of a problem with your primary mail server or a routing problem on the Internet. Click here to see if your domain has working backup MX servers. More->

Anti-Virus Email – Virus Protection for Your Email

Protecting your Email against virus infection is a difficult and ever-changing problem. Routing your Email through our anti-virus mail servers ensures that each item of mail sent to your organisation is scanned prior to it reaching your systems. The service also scans your out-bound Email to ensure that you do not infect your customers or suppliers. More->

Opt-in Mailing List – Bulk Emailing to Your Customers

Keep in contact with your customers using our high-volume ‘opt-in’ mailing list service. Sending static or customised Emails to many thousands of individuals needs to be carefully handled. Our managed mailing list service provides excellent performance and flexibility for your bulk Email broadcasts. More->

E-Merging to Acrobat – Emailing Documents as PDF

We can take your corporate data and create a uniquely customised Acrobat PDF file that is automatically Emailed to your client. For instance, your invoices Emailed to your customers as PDF. More->